Making Medicine affordable

Using AI, Copaid gives financial aid to those most in need of aid with their prescription medication.

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Aid distributed the right way

The Problem

More than 5 million Medicare beneficiaries struggle to afford prescription medication. Among adults 65 and older, Black and Latino beneficiaries reported difficulty affording medications at roughly 1.5 to 2 times higher than white adults. It's hard to know what pharmacies serve these groups, which makes giving aid difficult.

Our Solution

Using a machine learning model that is trained on demographic and income data, we are able to identify pharmacies in Pennsylvania that can provide the most benefit to these communities with our aid. We then provide financial aid to customers of the pharmacies we support.


We aim to make sure no one has trouble buying their prescription medications. Using our AI model, we hope to distribute aid so that it reaches people who do not have a stable source of income and/or are retired. Our ultimate goal is health equity for all.

Never Worry About Copays

If you qualify for the program, Copaid will fully cover the cost of your copays. No loan, no interest, it's that simple.


Copaid is only possible through your help

Copaid is run entirely on donations. If you can, please help us work towards health equity.


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